ITANGER is a company operating in Morocco with the aim of offering an all round general contractor service in the sectors of Italian original Interior and Exterior Design.

The company was born out of design consultant Francesco Masala’s desire to export the great potentialities of Italian design and brands to Morocco.

Why Morocco?

Morocco is a great country that I have had the pleasure to visit and love firstly for touristic reasons and later for professional ones; it is a country currently experiencing a speedy growth, capable of making the most of contemporary solutions and trends without diminishing its cultural traditions, but in fact enhancing them. It is a great honour to put my own experience in the fields of interior and exterior design at the disposal of Moroccan clients, to help them achieve their vision of decor and design.

 F. Masala

Why Italy?

“Italy” is synonym of taste and style, a country with a great tradition of designers and architects. ITANGER was born with this business context in mind and two decades of research during which we have consolidated partnerships with a number of prestigious brands of Italian design, with whom we hold a special relation.  F. Masala


Itanger, Marrakesh

ITANGER today is able to provide its clients with exclusive solutions through a service of individually tailored consultancy, in close collaboration with its partners, to satisfy the needs of its clients. The consultants at ITANGER accompany clients along the whole process of identifying the best design solutions for their needs: starting from a research study of the context to the selection of materials and finally with the practical realisation of a design project.

ITANGER offers its clients the possibility of economising on investment costs, both on the contract market and on the habitat market, since it presents itself as a direct link between clients and companies, reducing thus the number of intermediaries.

ITANGER is able to provide solutions for: Architecture studios, Hotels and Resorts, Residences, Villas, Relax areas, SPA, Restaurants, Wine Bars, Pastry, Cafe Glacier, Commercial areas, Urban Design, Green spaces, Sea resorts