Our Service

ITANGER is an importation agency for Morocco of products exclusively Made in Italy. The agency offers two important services to better respond to Moroccan clients’ needs :

          Importation service from Italy to Morocco

          Technical consulting of the Italian school

Our experience and expertise in the design sector, furnishing accessories and finishing material, together with a careful and well organized importation service, enable us to offer a complete quality service with the aim of optimizing the costs corresponding to your budget and obtaining the best aesthetic and financial results .

What Makes Us Unique

Our service responds in a unique way to to Morocco’s need to import Made in Italy products. The knowledge of the demand of both the Moroccan territory and the Italian market, together with a passionate experience of more than 25 years, is the strength strength that makes us unique. 

ITANGER stands out for the particularity of its service that creates an excellent combination between technical consultancy and importation service.

Technical and Design Consultation

ITANGER’s design and technical consulting service meets a variety of requirements from a wide range of customers, such as:

architects, hotels, riads, resorts, spas, restaurants, cafes, lounge bars, residences, villas, offices, gardens and shopping centres.

Importation Service

Experts in the field of importing, our experience in this sector allows us to offer you a highly qualified service.

From the order of the goods to their destination of arrival, we take care of every single step in detail and make sure that the timing and integrity of the goods are in first place.